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Not a lot of words, mostly tears.

We are crying not because Leni and Kiko lost but because a lot of Filipinos have been caught in the middle of disinformation, lies and deception over and over again.

Filipinos, especially those in the Philippines, have been through so much especially this past 6 years.

They deserve to have a good government and to live a good life.

It's also wrong to say to just move on from what happened because the story does not have an ending yet.

In fact, this election might only the beginning. As Filipinos, we should collectively do our part wherever we may be in the world, to be updated to what's happening in the Philippines (not from TikTok!) and speak up about it given an opportunity. We should also engage in conversations not to fight but to share credible and reliable information. We should never allow our history to be revised. Our collective pursuit of justice and truth, along with our continuous efforts towards uplifting our kababayans, will be so much stronger than the results of this election.

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