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Pasko Gift Guide 2023


We are thrilled to be curating some of the most meaningful, creative and Filipino-made gifts this season featuring the creations of Filipino artists and creative entrepreneurs from around the world!

Pasko Gift Guide, now on its third year, is one of the initiatives of Sabado Studios which aims to put a spotlight on the one of a kind and meaningful creations of creative Filipinos across the globe and while also celebrating our Filipino culture, creativity, and craftsmanship. 

Aside from Pasko Gift Guide, Sabado Studios recently launched Sabado Studios Podcast featuring interviews of creative Filipino from around the world.

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Maraming salamat for choosing to shop independent this gift giving season! Maligayang Pasko!

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Illustrations by Sabado Studios, Images provided by creative Filipinos


Conrado Soft Chunky Rib Beanie

Stay warm this season with Conrado's insanely soft beanie! Cuffed style ribbed knit beanie with a bit of sparkle in the knit!  Conrado Soft Chunky Rib Beanie will surely keep you and your friends warm and eye-catching this holiday season!
Aside from apparel, you can also shop Conrado Candles available in 4 unique scents!

Conrado is a clothing brand based in Martha's Vineyard, MA. All Conrado clothing are made from deadstock fabric ~ meaning they are sustainable and limited edition. They’re artisan made in The Philippines too!


Marz Today Gift Cards

Give the gift of handmade with Marz Today gift cards. An ideal gift for that special someone who's been wanting a custom stamp or itching to enroll in a workshop at the Marz Today Studio. A gift card is always a safe bet for the holidays or any occasion.

Price starts Php 100 to Php 2,000

Marz Today is an independent brand in Manila specializing in handmade stamps.

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Tadhana Earrings

Tadhana is a handmade clay creations brand located in British Columbia. Founded by two sisters, Tadhana's handcrafted polymer clay creations reflect the individuality and uniqueness of each person. 

Want to shop in-person? Find them at:
-The Storehouse on Main Street in Vancouver, BC.,
-Makers on Guildford Town Center in Surrey, BC and CF Richmond Center in Richmond, BC
- Nettle's Tale downtown Vancouver, BC
- Spa Utopia in Langley, North Vancouver and at the Pan Pacific Vancouver, BC,
- The Clothing Bar in Calgary, AB

SPECIAL OFFER: Enjoy 25% off on all products on the Tadhana website until end of December!

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Manila Girls 2024 Jumbo Calendar 

The Manila Girls 2024 Jumbo Calendar features the current sixteen Manila Girls alongside the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs, all in one artwork to celebrate Manila's unique multicultural identity.

Created by Manila-based artist, Manila Girls is described as a lovechild of Manila’s madness and the Filipino obsession of personalities and beauty pageants. 


Kandelita Soy Candles

Kandelita soy candles are made with premium blend soy wax which are hand-poured in small batches.

Based in Elk Grove, California, Kandelita Company is owned by a Filipina who wants to create something special and nostalgic for Filipinos living overseas.   

SPECIAL OFFER: Use code 'SABADO15' until end of December to enjoy 15% off discount!



Let Hope Bloom Stationery Sampler Set

This limited edition Let Hope Bloom stationery sampler set features a dainty mix of postcards and notecards from my bestseller Let Hope Bloom Map collection. 

Let Hope Bloom Collection is originally released as a "pandemic passion project" in 2020, and has since been a source of comfort and hope in more ways than expected then and till now.

Kaliwete Creatives is a Manila-based brand featuring watercolor floral designs.  Aside from this sampler set, Kaliwete Creatives just released a limited edition Santan Philippine map shirt!


Tahanan's Brass Hair Jewellery

Add a touch of traditional beauty to your look with Baja Hair Jewellery. This raw brass hair jewellery from Tahanan. The intricate detailing and precision in crafting this piece showcase the dedication of the Palawan artisans.

Tahanan also introduced its first collection of candles which explores the meditative movement of the fire element.

Tahanan is a retail space in Maidstone in Melbourne. ᜆᜑᜈᜈ᜔ is "Tahanan" in baybayin – a script widely used in the Philippines before the introduction of latin alphabet. They carry this as a tribute to our Filipino culture to remind us where we come from.


PinoPino Plush Dolls

Filipino inspired plush dolls, Kuya & Corazon, are the perfect toys to bring some Filipino inspiration into your home or as a gift to your loved one! Perfect huggable and holding size too! 

PinoPino Plush is a family-owned business  based in the US with a dream to create dolls & toys to connect kids to Filipino heritage & culture.


Fine Time Tote Bags

With relatable and funny designs, Fine Time Studios provide the best tote bags this season for each of your barkada!

Fine Time Studios is a Manila based independent brand known for their original witty designs. The talented duo behind this brand shares that their designs are mainly inspired by insomnia, dark humor and horrifying Manila traffic! Check out their sticker packs, mugs, and shirts too!


Pasko Lights Filipino Jewelry Collection

Remember the joy-filled boxes your family sent home over the holidays? 

This parol-inspired jewelry and holiday themed pieces are all handcrafted in the Philippines by traditional artisans. When you gift and wear each piece, you're celebrating the artistry and spirit of our kapwa in the Philippines. 

Cambio & Co. is a Filipino jewelry company based in Toronto and Manila with products intentionally sourced from Philippines-based designers and artisan brands.

Pasko 2023.png

Magwai Travel Bundles

Reef-safe sunscreens and marine-friendly personal care products, Magwai have the perfect travel bundle for your travel bestie!

Magwai is a Manila-based independent brand founded by two colleagues who looking for reef-friendly products but soon realized that these weren’t easily available locally. This was unfortunate as the Philippines sits at the heart of the Coral Triangle. To help protect the coral reefs and ocean life, they then took on the challenge of developing a locally made reef-safe sunscreen. 


Filipinta Pinoy Butter Cookies lip balm

The betrayal we felt when we opened this tin expecting to steal a cookie or two, then finding out it only contained buttons, needles and every sewing accessory you can think of. 

This one-of-a-kind, collector’s item cookie tin lip balm is carefully crafted and smells like chocolate chip cookies. You can choose what you want inside, cookies or sewing stuff, or we can surprise you! 

Aside from lip balm, Filipinta Beauty also has Sarsa Collection lip gloss -6 sauces used in every dish imaginable, these are a staple in most Filipino pantries. 

Filipinta Beauty is a Filipina-owned beauty brand that aims to celebrate Philippine culture, all while enhancing and embracing the unique, distinct beauty of every Filipina. 


Piesa Handcrafted Pieces

Gift joyfully with Piesa's Harmony Collection this holidays– a harmonious fusion of classic and contemporary creations.

nchanting colors of rust, mustard, midnight blue, olive, magenta, and dark beige come together to evoke the warmth of the holidays. Each meticulously crafted piece offers a harmonious blend of hues.

Piesa is a homegrown brand based in Manila offering intricately made, handcrafted statement pieces.


1372 Designs handwoven journals

These handwoven journal by 1372 Designs is not only handmade but also made with recycled materials! The cover of the journal was made with upcycled strips of paper (either old phone directory, newspaper or magazine pages) and were woven by hand. 

- A5 size only with limited pieces available as it is dependent on materials on hand
- Available in the Philippines and the US

1372 Designs is an independent brand based in Manila which specializes in handbound notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, bookmarks, stickers, postcards, art prints. They are also the first guest on Sabado Studios [Video] Podcast! Watch their interview on Spotify and  YouTube.

Pasko Gift Guide is an initiative by Sabado Studios. Sabado Studios is 100% advocacy project with an intention to celebrate Filipino artists and creative entrepreneurs around the world. We will not earn any commissions from this activity. 

Pasko Gift Guide provides an opportunity to support and celebrate the creatives in our communities who have been non stop in providing their hearts, talents and energies to spark creativity, inspiration and hope in all of us over the years. 

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