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Saludo kami sayo, Filipino!

Philippine Independence Day is about commemorating how our heroes who fought for our freedom. While we acknowledge that our nation still faces a lot of challenges up to this day, we should still recognize all of the people who fought, who are still fighting, and those who still choose to continue the fight on a daily basis. This video aims to pay tribute to all of you, amazing, hardworking Filipinos, who are choosing to continue to create, to speak, to write, to continue with the craft and to open doors amidst the challenges.

Video created and posted in June 2020

Support Creative Filipinos!

The past year was certainly difficult for a lot of people but amid the challenges, difficulties and ongoing disruptions, our creative Filipinos -- Filipino artists, crafters and creative entrepreneurs did not stop in creating various outputs, offering a piece of themselves and chose to continue their crafts that inspire and encourage all of us to push forward with our own personal and creative pursuits. It's about time that we all give them the support they deserve.

Video created and posted in September 2021

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