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About Sabado Studios

Launched in June 1, 2020,  Sabado Studios was born out of the need to connect with fellow creative Filipinos at a time when everyone suddenly felt isolated and lost due to the disruptions of the global pandemic. 

Sabado Studios started as a platform that celebrates and supports creative FILIPINOS from around the world. Since then, stories were shared, connections were made and several initiatives were implemented not only to celebrate the creative Filipino community across disciplines and territories around the world, but to also hold a space for conversations and actions that matters to our communities. We believe that, now more than ever, more platforms and spaces that celebrates the voices and outputs of Filipino artists and creative entrepreneurs should be available, encouraged and supported to make our societies more inclusive and a little better.

Our commitment to support creative entrepreneurs began in 2016 when we opened, Hello MNL Store, an independent space for over 100 Filipino makers, crafters, artists and independent labels (watch opening party video) to sell creations and demonstrate their skills through workshops and events. Since then, we always try to explore ways on how we can connect + create opportunities + provide support to creative Filipinos, with the intention to always promote Filipino talents as well as their creations and services while constantly celebrating Filipino culture, creativity and craftsmanship.

Sabado Studios is also a product of our 15 years experience in creative entrepreneurship, advertising,

public relations and broadcast media. 

Thank you for being here and supporting our Filipino artists and creative entrepreneurs around the world!
If you have any feedback, suggestions or want to explore opportunities on how we can collectively support the creatives in our communities, please do
not hesitate to reach out! 


Maraming Salamat and looking forward to creating something with you soon!

Des + Arden Ong

Personal IG: + @oma_rden

Partner with us:

Let's continue the conversation: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter 

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