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Sabado Stories

Sabado Stories is our way of celebrating creative Filipinos from around the world while constantly and collectively learning about the Filipino culture, creativity and craftsmanship. It is one of our first initiatives on the platform, with the intention to give hope and inspiration not only to fellow creatives, who may be feeling overwhelmed and uninspired caused by the global shutdown in 2020, but also to our friends in our communities around the world, who may be feeling stressed or loosing hope due to the pandemic. 

Sabado Stories is also an opportunity to provide a glimpse of the life of a Filipino artist and creative entrepreneur that you do not get to see on a daily basis. 

Kenisha Graphic Designer & Illustrator, New York


Ica Founder of CraftedbyIca Manila


Gelaine Co-founder of Cambio & Co, Toronto

Umaga Coffee

Jezreel Co-founder of Umaga Coffee Bakersfield, CA

Kaya Essentials

Sara Founder of Kaya Essentials Los Angeles


Bea Professional Dancer, Model, Teacher Manila


Danikah Multidisciplinary Artist Invercargill, NZ


Jo Artist and founder of Send To Give Berlin

Katsy Creates

Katsy Illustrator, Designer, Atlanta, GA

Kwentong Papel

Elaine Architect,Paper Artist, Founder of Kwentong Papel
, Manila


Leoder Multidisciplinary Designer and Photographer, New York


José Freelance Portrait and Product Photographer, Manila

BK Pena

Bernard Illustrator, Manila


Paolo Artist New York


Christine and Dani Founders of, Manila

Nicole Dancel

Nicole Arts Marketer/ Freelance design, branding, photography New York


Erika Social Media Strategist,Branding Consultant,Creative Writer, Brooklyn


JAPS Visual Artist & Creative Entrepreneur, Founder of, Manila

Matt Carpio

Matthew Bartender/Barista, Portrait and Surf Photographer, San Juan, La Union

Tara Baraha

Jo Founder of Tara Baraha Manila

Outland Creative

Camille Artist behind The Outland Creative Manila


Noni Artist, Designer Baltimore, MD


Tish Designer, Illustrator, Artist behind Sqooid Designs, Manila

Jean Denise

Jean Denise Freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Manila


Isabel Actor/Comedian, Writer Toronto


Zerah Artist, Creative coordinator for Hope For The Heart and Soul, Founder of Sapin Sapin Tanzan Manila


Mako Micropress

Punchdrunk Panda

Gail Entrepreneur behind Punch Drunk Panda Hong Kong


Chris Food & Prop Stylist and Founder of Wrought Manila, Photographer, Designer, Lecturer, Manila



Cristal Glass

Ron Founder of Cristal Glass Project Paranaque


Dette and Kino Entrepreneurs/Founders behind Twelve and Unfold Manila

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