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Introducing: Sabado Studios Podcast

We created Sabado Studios in 2020 with an intention to celebrate the stories of Filipino artists and creative entrepreneurs around the world.

By using visual storytelling over the last 2.5 years, we were able to produce videos such as Saludo Kami Sayo, Filipino and Support Creative Filipinos to support our campaigns like Sabado Stories in 2020 and Spotlight Sabado in 2021. We also created initiatives such as Sabado News and our annual Pasko Gift Guide which was also featured on OmniNews in December.

Why do we do this? Because we believe that now more than ever, we need spaces that amplify the voices of creative Filipinos wherever they may be in the world -- we need to tell the stories of the artists who willingly shared their hearts and talents that helped us through tough times (not only during COVID lockdowns!) and we also need to tell the stories of creative entrepreneurs who will always create special pieces (even if it's challenging, unappreciated at times, or without much funding support) so that we and our loved ones can enjoy or use them all year round. We need to keep talking about Filipino craftsmanship and creativity because by keeping those stories in mind, we will understand our Filipino culture and heritage more.

If we don't do initiatives like this, our future generations will not only end up knowing and using mass produced goods, but will also end up without a concept or connection to our Filipino identity, culture, and heritage.

And so today, we are very excited to launch SABADO STUDIOS PODCAST --- our newest space to create and share the narratives that we believe are so much needed in our communities.

In this video podcast, we will talk to Filipino artists and creative entrepreneurs from around the world to get a glimpse of the life behind the independent labels and discuss topics that matters to them and our communities.

Our first guest and episode drop will be available next week so for now, you can watch the trailer below and follow us on Spotify and YouTube!

Watch the Sabado Studios Podcast Intro Video here:

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