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#SabadoArchives - Jahziel - Artist and Illustrator based in Hawai'i

"The lowest point of 2020 was definitely getting through the anxieties of the world which often

made me creatively unmotivated but I realized that I can reorganize my routine to push my art in

a positive direction.

I started to gain inspiration through my friends and followers who continuously uplift me and support all the directions I take. I am part of amazing communities who share the same values of feminism and culture as I do!

2020 was also the year when I started my Instagram and this has really changed who I am as a Filipina artist because it opened opportunities for me to share my work with others. I am so thankful for all of

the support I have been receiving! It genuinely warms my heart when lovely people message

me and tell me that they feel proud to be who they are.

Whether it be cultural pride or feminine pride, being able to use my illustrations to make a positive impact is a feeling I cannot describe. 2020 was my year of artistic growth and I cannot wait to see what this year has to offer."

Jahziel ( on Instagram)

Artist and Illustrator based in Hawai'i

Sabado Archives revisits the reflections of Filipino artists and creative entrepreneurs in different parts of the world shared to Sabado Studios in the past 2 years with the intention to spark hope and inspiration in our personal and creative pursuits.

To read more, check out Spotlight Sabado and Sabado Stories pages on this website


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