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#SabadoArchives - Bea Lesaca - Professional Dancer based in Manila

"I feel like ever since; I have gone with my gut. And most of the decisions I’ve made were based on instinct and feeling.

Pursuing this creative route taught me to trust this internal compass and take as many leaps of faith that I can for what feels right to me.

Through the years, I found myself & my tribe through my art, and somehow experienced what the world could offer if one was just brave enough to ask. This path is definitely not for the faint hearted.The highs are really high, and the lows are rock bottom, and the gestation period of opportunity seems to take forever,BUT it’s when I feel mostly alive.

I fell in love with the Hip Hop culture and breaking in 2003 and have been dancing ever since. I was born and raised in Boogie Down Manila, but most of my mentors/influences are from the different parts of the US, where Hip Hop is from. In 2010, I got into the Philippine Allstars where I learned about performance and professionalism in the entertainment industry. During this time, I also began teaching dance in summer workshops and schools.

In Hip Hop, we have 2 sayings “Each One, Teach One” and “Always a Student” which I took by heart. Hip Hop opened so many doors for me, (I got to travel the world, opened for Jennifer Lopez’s concert, Lee Min Ho, Craig David, Fast and the Furious cast and many more) so I do my share in giving back to the community by representing it to the best of my ability.

From a bgirl (female breakdancer), I learned how to become a dancer, and then a performer. This progression has helped me become more intuned with my self, my strengths and weaknesses. Currently,I perform mostly as a commercial model/actor where I get to play as many characters as I want for different brands/products and I also get to show off the skills I’ve learned through out the years.I work & learn from the best of the best in the industry and I relish in the feeling of an on going collective work where I’m part of making a vision come to life. I also believe that no matter what you do, as long as you’re excellent and stay true to yourself, opportunity will always knock on your door.”

Bea Lesaca (@bealesaca on Instagram)

Professional Dancer, Model, Teacher

based in Manila

Originally published: June 15, 2020

Sabado Archives revisits the reflections of Filipino artists and creative entrepreneurs based in different parts of the world shared to Sabado Studios in the past 2 years with the intention to spark hope and inspiration to our personal and creative pursuits.

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