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Reflections, Intentions and February as the National Arts Month

January went by so fast! But really, we also intentionally took the time to reflect and plan for the year ahead – what feels good for our soul, aligned with our values and learnings and what could give value to our communities.

We created Sabado Studios in 2019, initially as a platform to connect with other creative Filipinos during the pandemic and a way for us to learn more about others who look like us, who are like us, given that we are new in Canada during that time. We did not have our friends in Manila here in Canada anymore and certainly did not know the creative landscape in North America. Fast forward to this day, we have connected to so many amazing Filipinos not only from North America but in different parts of the world! In a span of 2 years, we learned so much and saw a glimpse of how it is to live in different parts of the globe as Filipinos, as artists and as creative entrepreneurs.

This month, to celebrate the National Arts Month in the Philippines*, let us revisit those stories (from Spotlight Sabado and Sabado Stories) and be inspired all over again and perhaps can also serve as a guid for the year ahead. Maybe it’s just us, but the more we learn about the stories and creations of the creatives in our communities, the more we connect to who we are, our culture, on being Filipinos.

*February is decalred as the National Arts Month in the Philippines to celebrate art, our talented artists and demonstrate how art plays a significant role in our Filipino culture.

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